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Land Of The Pharaohs – Episode 11

All dialog in brown text is taken from the movie script at

Lets see…the body count is officially two. The queen is dead, pharaoh is dead, and that’s not counting the people this power hungry psychopath has tried to kill, wound, maim, and generally bend out of shape. Nellifer is the queen of Egypt. But as I said earlier it’s one of those pesky in-name only positions. Right now she has all the power of a camel breaking wind.

Shortly after pharaoh dies an ankh is rung to announce his passing. People go into the streets to hear heralds officially announce his death. Mikka goes outside his dwelling to confirm the worst. Once he hears a herald he goes back inside to report to Vashtar. “You were right. The heralds are going through the city telling the people”. Senta makes a comment directed at his father. “I didn't expect it so suddenly. Did you, sir?”. Vashtar responds “I thought we'd finish our work, our people would go free. And we would have a number of years still to live. Don't be frightened, nothing can happen to us
...until our task is completed

118. The ankh is rung

                                                      The Ankh is rung

119. Vashtar learns of Khufu death

                                             Vashtar learns of Pharaohs death

Back at the palace things are a bit more subdued and formal. The young prince is worried he will cry in front of the priests. “I am afraid I'm going to cry. I don't want them to see me”. Hamar who is formally dressed assures the prince he is his fathers son, and will not cry. Nellifer makes her entrance and offers the prince empty condolences. After getting permission from Hamar to leave the prince leaves. With the prince gone Nellifer starts making demands that poor Hamar has no choice but to obey. “It is my wish that the doors to
the treasure vaults be opened
”. Hamar and Nellifer walk towards them. Suddenly Nellifer stops in her tracks, sees the doors open , and the empty vaults. “
What is all this? All the doors are open, it's gone. Where is the treasure?”. Hamar has wisely anticipated this outburst, and has planned his response. “In that place for which it was destined. The tomb in the pyramid”. She throws a typical spoilt brat hissy fit. “Have it brought here at once” she shrieks. Once more, with as much diplomacy as Hamar can muster, and a certain amount of glee Hamar answers Nellifer. “When you are in fact the queen, you will be obeyed, by myself, as by all”.

122. Nelifer learns she is not the queen yet

Nellifer is shocked to learn she is not yet queen of Egypt. “What do you say? That I'm not the queen?” she barks. Hamar continues. “According to the laws of Egypt, when you have given burial to Pharaoh, when his body is laid within the tomb, you will inherit all that was his. The treasure, the power, the state.
Until then, the will of the Pharaoh lives on. The treasure remains in the tomb. That is the law
”. To say Nellifer is having a bad day would an extreme understatement. When she heard she was not queen a few dozen expletives of Cypriot or Egyptian origin were either said or thought. To make her day a really cruddy one she learns she must wait 30 days until the pharaoh is buried. Then and only then will she be queen. When she asks why she is only learning this now Hamar says quite bluntly “
Shall we say I would save her majesty from being told in public?”. She then goes on to express her extreme dislike for Hamar. Hamar tells her the dislike is reciprocated. Nellifer tries to get the last word, but Hamar beats her to the punch. “A long time ago, Your Majesty, I made a pact. I swore to be buried with my friend and ruler. Therefore, madam, when you are queen, I will not be here. And you no longer need to worry about me”. Nellifer goes back to her chambers. To exercise her anger she probably assaults a few slaves and redecorates by tearing down some curtains.

125. Kyra learns how Senta may die

Back in Vashtars dwelling the topic of discussion gets decidedly gloomy. Mikka asks Vashtar a question he is reluctant to voice. “Vashtar, you've never told me or our people and we ought to know. How are you and Senta to?What is to be the manner of?”. Even though the complete question is never asked, its meaning couldn’t be clearer. Vashtar answers as best he can. “I believe that Hamar intends to be sealed in the tomb with Pharaoh. He and the mute priests. I can only presume it will be the same for Senta and myself”. Kyra, the slave girl Senta saved from a whipping, gets emotional and runs into the sleeping quarters she shares with Senta. Senta holds her tight.

The next day day Vashtar is with Senta as they get the final instructions for sealing the tomb. As the discussion take place they pass two objects that baffle Vashtar. Hamar explains the meaning behind them. “They are solar boats, for Pharaoh to use after his burial. They are the means by which Pharaoh will journey across the skies with the sun.With the god Horus. Each day they will sail from east to west. And each night Pharaoh will return to the
east by the river which runs under the earth
Hamar asks what work, if any, remains. Vashtar responds “Only the setting of the mechanism. Apart from that, our work is finished. You remember the stone we lowered for Pharaoh and you, so many years ago? This is exactly the same. When those bits of earthenware are broken, the sand will run out and the cover of the sarcophagus will be lowered. While it's coming down the lever will release a stone in the chamber beneath this one. That stone will set in motion all the forces for sealing the pyramid.Within a few moments of that cover coming down, every passage will be closed. only this room will remain. Once that starts down, no power on Earth can stop the rest. That will be the end”.

126. Every passage will be closed

Hamar is more than pleased and shows it. “You have lived up to your bargain.
Now as to our part of the bargain...I will give orders that when the burial procession starts your people will be released. Those orders will include both of you. You may lead your people home
”. Not sure he heard Hamar correctly Vashtar interrupts. “You mean that...”. Hamar continues. “Yes, my friends.
There is no need for either of you to die. When the tomb is sealed, the secret evaporates. When it's solid stone, what does the way through the labyrinth matter? I will believe always, or choose to believe, you planned it this way.
I also believe...Pharaoh would approve of what I'm doing. Will you set the mechanism now?
”. With their death sentence lifted Vashtar and Senta make plans for the journey home.

Inside the tomb Pharaohs funeral takes place. Hamar leads it. Nellifer plays her part as the grieving wife. “People of Egypt. In this moment, our Pharaoh puts down the burden of this life. Let his lawful successor now claim the power and the glory that was his. Are you, Nellifer, prepared to do this?”. Nellifer comes forward to assume the throne. “I, Nellifer, wife to Pharaoh, as regent for his son and heir do assume the burden he has put down”. She thinks she has come one step closer to the throne. Hamar now asks her a question that will seal her fate. “Are you then prepared to give him burial according to our laws and customs that you may inherit that which was his?”. Nellifer completes the funeral or at least her part of it. “I am prepared”. Hamar informs Nellifer that only she can give the order. She does. Stones slide down corridors, walls close, and doorways vanish. The rumbling continues and stones slam into each other.

131. Hamar informs Nelifer she must give the order to seal the tomb132. The order is given and the sand start to pour135. passageways are sealed

A priest breaks earthenware and sand begins to pour out. The sarcophagus is covered with a gigantic stone. The gold that was behind the statues is slowly covered in sand. Nellifer notices the entrance she came in no longer exists. She turns to Hamar. “Show me the way out, I command you. Show me the way”. Hamar now bellows at her. “This is what you lied and schemed and murdered to achieve. This is your kingdom”. Nellifer starts saying no over and

137. No,no, no

generally freaking out. She collapses on the floor of the tomb sobbing, and muttering quite incoherently. Her sobs can’t be heard outside by Vashtar or any of his people. They’re too busy going home.

140. the finished pyramid

Coming Soon…


          The Time Tunnel pilot that you

                    have never seen !

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Land Of The Pharaohs - Episode 10

All dialog in brown text is taken from the movie script at

Nellifer starts to execute her part of the plan. She brings a flute for the young prince to play. She teaches the prince to play a tune. Prince Xenon takes to it like a duck takes to water, and soon he’s practicing it day and night. The Queen, the prince, his father, indeed everybody in the palace are unawares that it’s a snake charmers tune used to attract cobras and other nasty critters.95. The queen watches as Nelifer teaches Prince Zenon how to play a magic flute

After a lot of practice (a lot of people probably wanted to kill Nellifer for giving the prince the flute) the prince finally gets it just right. The side of beef called Mabuna (he’s Nellifers slave) and Treneh watch from safe distance  while a snake charmer puts a cobra through its paces. Mabuna 97. Bring the snake in a strong basket

                              Mabuna                               Treneh

gets his final instructions from Treneh “You've done well. Bring the snake in a strong basket. Be careful that no one sees you”. Mabuna gets the snake and places it in a strong basket just outside the princes sleeping quarters. He’s practicing yet again. His mother wants him to get ready for bed. She is

98. The trap is set

readying his bed when she sees the nasty beastie that has slithered in. She urges him to play and to keep playing. Slowly she approaches her son and the snake. When she’s close enough she throws herself on the snake. The cobra bites her, she screams, and dies rather swiftly. Nellifer and Treneh listen to the queen

99. Treneh and Nelifer listen as the queen screams and dies

scream. Nellifer seems to have the look of some form of gratification on her face. Treneh realizes what he’s done. Hamar is quickly informed of the queens death. The fact that Nellifer gave the prince the flute makes him suspicious. After Treneh leaves Nellifer  he quickly returns to her with some disquieting news. “Your Majesty, he has sent men to every city in the kingdom. To question any man who deals with serpents. Every fakir, every handler of snakes”. At first Nellifer plans to have the snake charmer they dealt with killed. She then concocts a scheme to murder the pharaoh. She decides not to do the deed herself, but to have the muscle bound Mabuna murder pharaoh. “With Pharaoh dead, let Hamar learn what he can. Because then I shall rule in Egypt”.

When Mabuna reaches the oasis of Solaar he surveys pharaohs encampment.

103. Mabuna surveys the layout of the camp

But all is not well in the camp, and far from from normal. Hamar sent a messenger to notify Pharaoh of the queens death. When pharaoh gets the message he questions the messenger further. He announces the message to his entourage “The queen is dead. It's hard to believe. I should not have leftWe leave for Luxor at dawn. See that the men rest and the camels are ready to start then”. The people in the tent filter out to let pharaoh grieve. He eventually sleeps.

102. Khufu learns the queen is dead

Mabuna chooses this moment to strike. Emotionally the pharaoh is weak, but physically he’s angry, and the timing is poor for Mabuna. He strikes while pharaoh sleeps. But pharaoh is a warrior, and he has learned to sleep with one eye open.104. Mabuna is stabbed by Khufu as he tries to kill him

Mabuna pounces but pharaoh is barely asleep. The pharaoh reaches for his sword and stabs Mabuna in the side. With the fight over barely after it began Pharaoh starts asking questions. “Guard! Guard! Who are you? Why did you?
You're Nellifer's slave. Who told you to do this? Speak. Who told you? Was it her doing? Did she order it? Did she?This slave tried to kill me. I want to know why. Well, just don't stand there. Make him talk. O
nly a few knew where I was. She was one of them”. But Mabuna dies before he can say a word. But his mission isn’t a complete failure. He has given pharaoh a nasty wound. He refuses to stay still while it is tended to and proceeds to make it worse. He commands the camels to be readied. He will ride for the capital at night.

105. Khufu vows to return to luxor despite a bad stomach wound

Nellifer and Treneh are together when they hear the sound of camels returning to the city in the early hours of the morning. They hear the sound of

108. The cospirators hear the sound of their plan crumbling

their plan to rule Egypt crumbling. Nellifer asks Treneh to hold her as she feels cold. Then they hear it. A small troop of camels moving quickly. Pharaoh walks through the palace, now bleeding profusely. When pharaoh reaches Nellifers chambers he hides when he sees Nellifer and Treneh together. When Nellifer sees blood on the floor she starts bellowing at Treneh like he’s trespassing. Pharaoh charges Treneh and the two start a sword fight. Treneh has the advantage of being more fit. But pharaoh has the advantage of being a more experienced fighter. Pharaoh moves into the shadows where Treneh can’t see him. With pharaoh very weak and bleeding badly he commits an act of desperation – he throws his sword at Treneh. Unable to see his king Treneh is unprepared for the final blow, and is surprised by the impact of the sword.

114. Treneh is speared by the paraohs sword

Pharaoh collapses on the floor and commands Nellifer to call Hamar. “Call Hamar. I am dying. Call Hamar, I must talk to him”. While pharaoh sits he says he thought the assassin was Nellifer since it was Mabuna who attacked him. But when he sees the necklace and he comes to the conclusion it really was her, and he discovers she never called Hamar. Nellifer looks down at her husband dying on the floor. “I planned it all and it's turned out as I hoped it would. I told you once that your treasure was too much for one man. You think that you will cheat me? You think that I shall not live long enough to see you die? You will see”.

Slowly he rises to call Hamar but it is too late. He dies and crashes to the floor.

117. Nelifer watches her husband die

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Land Of The Pharaohs – Episode 9

All dialog in brown text is taken from the movie script at

Later that day Senta is commanded to appear before pharaoh at his palace. The pharaohs wound is still being tended to. As Senta arrives he fully expects to die for he did reveal that he did know the secret of the labyrinth. “Young man, today you saved my life. And I am not fool enough to think it
was done because of loyalty to me but rather because of your loyalty to Vashtar the architect. For when I die, he dies too. Is that the reason
?”. Senta says that pharaoh is correct. Hamar adds that he thinks that he thinks Vashtar’s sight is failing. Senta admits he learned the secret of the labyrinth from his father, and that his father is slowly losing his sight. This slightly unusual line of questioning from pharaoh soon becomes clear. “
Young man...I am asking you these questions to justify myself in allowing you to live while I live. And to allow you to assist Vashtar until the work is done. I take it that's what you want”.

84. Khufu offers Senta anything in thanks

Pharaoh proceeds to sweeten the arrangement with uncharacteristic generosity. “Thus, since you saved my life, while I live, you shall live well.
A palace, slaves, gold, anything
”. Senta says he would prefer to live with his people as has done since he was a boy. Pharaoh is surprised that everything he has offered has been denied, but adds that it is more than obvious Vashtar raised him. He knows that Senta will soon be as important as his father and wishes to do something to make his remaining days as comfortable as he can. “
Ask any reward and you shall have it instantly. Anything within my power to grant”.

85. a slaves drops a bottle of perfume and Nelifer bitches

Just then there a crashing sound. A bottle of perfume has been dropped which Nellifer promptly blames on a slave. The slave talks back to Nellifer. Nellifer calls the slave insolent and slow. The slave says she is no ones slave. The child like bickering irritates pharaoh and he orders the slave whipped until she obeys or dies. I couldn’t help but notice that the argument between Nellifer and the slave is much like the one Nellifer had with pharaoh when they first met. Senta now steps into the brouhaha. “My lord, give me this slave. You told me that what I wanted would be given me”. Nellifer begins to protest “The girl is mine, my lord. You passed judgment. Let it be fulfilled”. Senta will not let Nellifer get her way. “"Ask any reward and you shall have it instantly. "Those were your words, Sire. I ask for the girl”. Pharaoh is now between a rock and hard place. He wants to reward the young man for saving his life, unfortunately what the young man wants belongs to his second wife. He is in a rather uncomfortable position. He can go back on his word or he humiliate Nellifer. No matter what he does he is in a lose-lose situation. He tells Senta to take the slave. Nellifer lets her guard down and she gets down right bitchy in front of others. “What manner of judgment is this? You give me a slave and then you take it...”. Nellifer has over stepped her bounds and she knows it. Pharaoh looks at her with a face like thunder and states the obvious. “Be still. I've given my word. You have slaves enough for your amusement, mistress. Judgment here is mine to be decreed as I see
fit and altered as I see fit. Is that understood
?”. Nellifer has just been humiliated in front of the entire royal court. With the husband-wife spat over for the present Senta struts over to take procession of the slave called Kyra who most probably expects to be a sex slave or worse.

86. Senta takes the slave Kyra

Nellifer is fuming. You can almost see the flames coming out of her nose. She talks over the entire brouhaha with her lover Treneh. In typical Joan Collins fashion she decides someone has to die. She has been humiliated for the last time (when was the first time?). In order for her to have any power at all she and Treneh concoct a scheme to kill the queen. With her out of the way she’ll be the queen of Egypt. What she doesn’t think of is that it’s is one those pesky in name only positions. With a pharaoh alive she’ll have all the power of a second hand camel. But she think of that ?. Not really. Not thinking something out is another trait of Joan Collins that only she does really, really well. Treneh is not too thrilled with Nellifers plan. But Nellifer convinces him by using sex. She starts by becoming a friend of the queen. But to do so she has to get the pharaoh distracted and she leaves that part up to Treneh.

In another part of the kingdom, in Vashtars, Sentas, and Mikkas dwelling to be exact, a young lady is contemplating her fate. Kyra is sitting at the dinner table basically refusing to do anything besides breathing. Senta tries talking to

88. Kyra discovers she is not Senta' slave

her. “There's no use you just sitting there saying nothing. What's your name, anyway?”. She tells him her name. Senta discovers that he’d have more fun beating his head against a rock. Frustrated, Mikka takes over. “Young lady, by any chance, can you cook?”. “Of course I can cook”.Mikka gets more than one word out her. “But I won't”. Mikka tries again. “Look, why don't you stop sulking? Don't you realize they were gonna whip you?”. Kyra comes the conclusion she just might not be a slave anymore. “Then I'm not your slave?”. Mikka laughs and says “Whoever heard of a slave having a slave?”. No longer a slave she stands and moves to the pot that contains dinner. She lifts the bowl of the spoon to her lips, takes a sip, winces a bit, then looks at Mikka. “Is this what you have been eating?

90. have you been eating this

                                           Is this what you have been eating?”

Kyra looks at Mikka (the cook) with a look of concern, trepidation, and fear when Mikka admits they have been eating this for as long as they’ve been captive. Then she starts adding black pepper, garlic, and bay leaves. 91. Kyra seems to enjoy this a bit more

Soon the dinner begins to taste like something that should actually be consumed. And soon after that Kyra starts to reflect that her lot in life might not be so bad as she thought.

They following day the first steps in the plot to kill the queen are taken. Treneh goes to pharaoh with a small golden statue. He shows it to pharaoh. “My lord, I thought this might interest you. Came from one of the workmen on the pyramid. one of the new arrivals. He came to me because he was very ill. He hopes to buy his freedom with that. He said it came from his native land of Tiba.Then he told me of a tomb.A tomb which was found under the sand in a valley, near the village of Byblos. He said the tomb contained a vast treasure which this is only a small thing”. Pharaoh takes great interest in the small statuette. Hamar knows his friend and king will be unable 93. Tomb contains a vast storehouse of treasure92. Treneh shows Khufu a gold statue

to resist going after the treasure. He protests when pharaoh announces he will go in search of the treasure. “My lord, the wound in your leg has not yet completely healed”. Pharaoh counters with “The exercise will do it good. I'll go tomorrow. You've done well, captain”.

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Land Of The Pharaohs – Episode 8

All dialog in brown text is taken from the movie script at

Senta is really concerned about his father. Vashtar must complete the pyramid for pharaoh and thousands of Kushites depend on Vashtar to win their freedom. Senta asks him a question. “The light in the pyramid comes from torches. How will you work? Read your own figures, do what you have to do? You start your actual work soon”.

68. Senta offers his father help at the risk of his own life

Vashtar looks at his son and reminds him that very night he is to go to pharaoh for instructions for sealing the tomb. Vashtar suspects that his son is trying to help. But for him to help would mean he too dies  upon completion of the tomb. Vashtar tries dissuade his son from offering to help “Don't you realize what would happen if anyone suspected you knew?” Senta nods, but has a stubborn streak in him, and his desire to help his father is strong. “You need help. Your work depends on it. And our people's freedom depends on you”. Vashtar can’t think of any other way. “I'll only accept your help if I can think of no other way”. After dinner he goes to the palace to get his instructions from the pharaoh.  After he arrives pharaoh gets right down to business. “Architect, I understand that you're ready to start work on the inner labyrinth...the secret part of my tomb. I've given considerable thought as to the method of doing this work so that the secret will remain ours”. There are people who he’s never seen before, and if the pharaoh talks much more there won’t be any secret to keep. “These men

69. Work on the labyrinth is about begin

 are your assistants. They are priests, and they may be trusted completely. They have been well schooled to work in stone.Their tongues have been cut out so that even in their sleep they will not betray the secret. They will die

70a. Their tongues have been cut out

when we die”. Vashtar is both angered and disgusted at the measures pharaoh has taken. He is simply revolted at these barbaric security measures. “You trust no vows, not even those of your own faith?”. The pharaoh faces him. “No. I have not gone as far as this, done what I have risk betrayal by any man, not even my own flesh and blood”. The pharaoh has decided that every man who does any actual labor will be blindfolded so he will not know the route into the pyramid, or where he’s been inside the pyramid. The pharaoh repeats the blindfold security measure “No man must loosen his blindfold. The penalty for knowing the way to the inner chamber is death”.

The next morning Vashtar brings Senta to the pyramid. He is blindfolded by a priest. Soon after the two enter the pyramid they stop. “Slip your blindfold a
minute, Senta. Go carefully. This is a further test to determine if the workers can see

73. Vashtar asks Senta to raise his blindfold for a minute-blood on the spear heads

Senta makes a mental note of where the trap is, and that it has already been tested. Senta is reminded by his father “There are many traps like this”. After encountering some stairs, and passages that lead nowhere that are intended to deceive potential grave robbers Vashtar and Senta reach the exact center of the pyramid. Vashtar points to a large stone and says “...and that will be the key to the device for sealing the tomb. When the trigger is released in the burial chamber...The stone will slide down that ramp into this room...and set in motion forces that will spread throughout the pyramid”.

76. Senta works in the exact center of the pyramid77. the stone is raised up the shaft

After working the entire day by torch light Vashtar asks Senta’s assistance in reading a figure. After helping his father Vashtar departs for another part of the pyramid. Senta helps with the lifting of a stone that goes up a forty-five degree shaft. “See that the stone is securely fastened” he tells two other workers. Suddenly the pharaoh appears in the doorway enquiring about the whereabouts of Vashtar. Vashtar is in another area of the pyramid. Knowing Senta is Vashtars son he tests him by asking where a passage way leads.

78. Khufu tests Senta-Where does that lead to

We are not told, sire”. The pharaoh inspects the work being done. As pharaoh and Senta are talking the rope hauling a huge stone up a shaft frays 79. the rope is about to break and snaps sending the massive stone rocketing down the shaft, gathering speed with every centimeter. Senta realizes what has happened and pushes pharaoh out of the path of the rapidly descending stone. The stone crashes into some woodwork that had been set up to help the stone go up the shaft. Consequently some the wood crashes upon pharaoh causing a rather substantial cut on his leg. Senta tends to the injury as best he can. 81. Senta applies a bandage to a bad cut

                               You have a bad cut. I'll stop the bleeding

Pharaoh learns the monks have finished for the day, and that he and Senta are in the bowels of the pyramid by themselves. He admits to not knowing the labyrinth. But Senta does. Pharaoh is aghast. “Who are you that know the secret of my tomb?” he growls. Senta reveals who he is, and that he knows the penalty for knowing the secret of the labyrinth. Pharaoh reveals his warm, kind, and benevolent self. “Enough of this. Stop fussing about nothing. It's only a wound. This isn't the first time it's ever happened. Do something useful. Get me a stick so that I can walk”.