Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Pride Of The Yankees-Part 5

When Eleanor slid on the floor somewhat unceremoniously, the irony of the fall strikes her and she begins to laugh.  Sam Blake introduces Lou to Eleanor Twitchell and her father, the owner of the Chicago baseball team. Hostilities cease almost immediately, and everyone sits down to a fine dinner.  As soon as Lou sees Elly it becomes apparent that sparks of a more harmonious nature are in play.  As the train carrying the Yankees leaves Lou asks Sam about women.  Its confirmed. Lou is smitten with Elly. Only time will tell if the feelings are reciprocal.

When the team returns to Chicago the scene on board is best described as mildly controlled bedlam.

34. yankees pull into town

Lou is on board, and is anxious to show he is a member of the Yankees. Babe Ruth has just purchased a new straw hat. It seems all his previous straw hats met an untimely end. Babe warns everybody not to touch it. When Babe isn’t looking a team member gently removes it from the hook it was on. Then each team member takes a bite out of the brim. Even Lou partakes in the shenanigans.

35. lou eats hat

Babe hears Lou munching on what’s left of the brim (Lou takes two bites), and almost tears him apart. A press agent played by Dan Duryea, thinks Lou is a sap and a boob “falling for that old gag”. Sam Blake is proud to see his friend part of the team. Dan Duryea forecasts that nobody will even remember him in a years time.  Sam says with Lou you don’t have to worry about anything remotely resembling a scandal. Lou is a guy who just loves to play baseball.

36. Sams proud of lou

As the team prepares to play Chicago Lou tries unsuccessfully to find out if Elly will be there. When Lou asks Sam he says “I’ll bet she misses you too”.

37. lou misses you too

                                              Sam discreetly talks to Elly

38. Elly beams at lou

                                  Elly smiles as Lou takes to the field

This is the beginning of a whirlwind courtship. One includes numerous dinners, and a trip to a carnival. Lou shows off and gets a prize for Elly. Before long she has prizes from every event. Throughout the courtship you hear the song “Always”.

42. lou and elly at dinner

                                                 Elly & Lou at dinner

39. at the fair

                                                   Elly at the carnival

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