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The Time Machine – part 7

I’d like to dedicate the remainder of this blog to my uncle Jim who passed away on Nov 2 2012

146. Weena tells George of the rings

The next morning Weena introduces George to the time he has become trapped in. She shows him shafts nobody knows anything about. When George approaches one of the shafts, of which there are dozens, Weena starts walking backward, exhibiting fear as best she can. When George says he can hear the monotonous pounding of machinery Weena starts exhibiting U.S. certified grade “A” fear. Every time George says machinery she says morlocks. When George looks in the shaft he sees metal rungs embedded in the inside wall of the shaft. George now sees that Weena is really scared. When George asks her how she knows about this she responds “the talking rings”.

Weena takes George there. She calms down, and stops talking of Morlocks. When George asks her what they talk of she says very simply “Things no one here understands”. George is intrigued. When they enter the room of the rings he can’t help but reach out to one. He learns it’s metal, about a inch wide, and about four inches from side to side. He’s like a little boy in a candy store. Around him are some things he thinks he recognizes, while some others are beyond all understanding. Weena notices this, and takes the ring George is holding, lays it on a special table, and spins it like a coin.

149 The rings talk

                                      Weena spins a ring

148. They tell of things no one there understands

                   George listens to one ring, while holding another

While George listens he learns of a war that lasted over three centuries, how the atmosphere was poisoned and polluted, and that oxygen was in such scarce supply it had to be manufactured. He also learned that some of the people who had taken shelter decided to return to the surface, while others decided to remain underground. The surface dwellers became the Eloi, while those who dwelled underground became the Morlocks. Somehow the Morlocks became the class that did all the work, and the Eloi became the privileged class who wanted for nothing. George paced while he listened, and digested what he heard.

151. Two props from another film -Astrogator,View screen from Forbidden Planet

I took this screen capture to point out a few things. The big spherical like object on the right side the of the picture is the Astrogator  from the film “Forbidden Planet”. On the left side of the image is what appears to be the view screen that appears at the end of the film. Back on the right side is a steam whistle that I think was used in “The War Of The Worlds”. A piece of electrical hardware appears to be on the floor just to the left of Georges leg.

After listening to the rings George becomes convinced that if he is ever going to get his time machine back that he must go underground. Weena tries to convince him not to, and that if he goes he won’t come back.

George and a very reluctant Weena return to the air shafts. She pleads with him not to go. George tries to calm her nerves by saying he won’t be very long. Weena puts a flower in his vest pocket to remember her by. As George descends air raid sirens wail. Weena, who has been looking down the shaft, is taken over by the sound. Her expression of concern for George is replaced by a blank, mindless, stare.

153. George goes down a Morlock air shaft

                         Weena and George return to the shafts

157. Air raid sirens wail

                                 Air raid wail their monotonous sound

 George, who is part way down the shaft, wonders what this unholy noise is. He stops his descent, and ascends. When he reaches the surface Weena is no where to be seen. Other Eloi who are in the pavilion file out and begin their mindless trek toward the sphinx, the source of the noise. George runs towards the sphinx looking for Weena, while trying to find out what is going on.

158. All Eloi go into a trance

                         Her mind goes blank, and her concern is gone

161. The Eloi come out of the pavillion

                                    The pavilion is emptied of Eloi

159. George come out of the shaft

   George comes out of the shaft, and Weena is nowhere to be seen

One by one the Eloi pass through the heavy metal doors at the base of the sphinx, as does Weena. After a large number of them pass through the doors they are closed. The sirens are turned off, and the Eloi return to what they were doing. George, who has run to the sphinx, stops other Eloi from returning to what they were doing. One of them tells him “Everything is all clear”. He (George) tries to tell them just what that phrase means, without much success.

164. What is wrong, what is all clear

                                   There is nothing wrong. It is all clear

George runs to the shafts to rescue Weena, and as many Eloi as he can. With a bit of difficulty he climbs down one of the shafts.

165. George goes to rescue Weena

                    George runs to the shafts to rescue Weena

At the bottom of the ladder he crouches as he gets his bearings.

166. George at the bottom of the shaft 

With as much stealth as he can muster he explores this subterranean world. Then he discovers the secret Weena either wouldn’t or couldn’t tell him. The Morlocks breed the Eloi like cattle. The Morlocks provide for all the wants of the Eloi, and at a predetermined time the Morlocks feed on the Eloi.

168. He learns the secret

            He learns the dark secret of the Eloi and the Morlocks

Then he hears the crack of a whip. From his hiding place behind a rock George observes the Morlocks herding the Eloi to their fate. He doesn’t know it but the Morlocks know he is there, and are slowing moving in on him. George tries whispering to Weena, with no effect whatsoever. He then grabs her and one of the Eloi he talked to in the pavilion. But the Morlocks see this, and whip him into a small cave where unspeakable things are done. Then George reasons that since the Morlocks live below ground they might might have a fear or have a dislike for light. He struggles with the matches in vest pocket, then lights one. The Morlocks are repelled by bright light.

172. The Morlocks don`t like light

     They may resemble some frat boys, but trust me, they’re Morlocks

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