Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Time Machine – part 9

Errors, Screw-ups, and Cinematic Gremlins

Every film, even those with very special “special effects”, and gigantic budgets, are always prone to errors. Even films where special attention is paid to detail errors almost always creep in. Most of the time the errors are glaring, and are so obvious a blind man can see them. But sometimes only when a film has been digitized can formerly unknown errors by brought to light. And The Time Machine is no exception to this unwritten law of film making. Since The Time Machine is a film in the truest sense, and some of the errors cannot be told, and must be seen, I have decided to you show some of the errors. All of the screen captures came from the I’ve seen some sites that are a “tribute”, but this is fantastic, and is devoted to every aspect of the story. author, model kits, etc. This is site that is worth spending some time at. It is my hope a lot of you will go through your DVD collection on the look out for more errors. Only when producer/directors become aware of our activities will we get really good movies.

Geroge's watch(a) 

Geroge's watch(b)

                      Rod Taylors wrist watch creeps into the film


      In this publicity photo an Eloi is wearing sun glasses. Can you find them ?


                 There she is…..good for you…you found her


     The date is December 31 1899, yet this is a 1905 Elgin watch

          rod band-aid

                         Did they have Band-aids in 1899 ?

       times wrong(a)

                              Just before the model is activated it’s 5:45

       times wrong(b)

                                             Yet seconds later it’s 5:55


The cigar tip is tapered…


…then it’s round


                             Do Morlocks have moustaches ?

189. Time machine and a flat wall

                  The wall behind the time machine is a flat solid wall

190. Time machine background change

                  Yet two scenes later it has passage ways on both sides

This last screen capture is actually a bit of trivia. George Pal and Walter Lantz, of Woody Woodpecker fame, were good friends. And for allowing Woody to appear in the classic “Destination Moon” George decided to include honor Walter by allowing Woody to appear gratis. You can hear the distinctive Woody Woodpecker sound when the Eloi are playing near the river. During the third world war sequence in 1966 a little girl drops her doll on the way to a shelter. Upon closer examination you will see she dropped a doll of Woody Woodpecker. You will also notice in this sequence that the air raid wardens are wearing uniforms from another great film, this time the film is “Forbidden Planet”.


 Know of more errors ? Let me know and your comments will be seen. The source for these screen captures, is a truly marvelous site. I just bet you’ll spend more than five minutes there.

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