Monday, November 19, 2012

Who are the stars of today ?

Most of us know who Jimmy Stewart, Spencer Tracy, and Burt Lancaster were, but do we have an actor living today who is in the same league ?. Liz Taylor, Jean Arthur, and Audrey Hepburn – I ask the same question. I can’t think of a single actor , male or female, living today that could fill those shoes, and put out a film a performance that people would want to watch fifty years from now. Spencer Tracy and Jimmy Stewart had the unique ability to take on a role, climb right into role, and give a performance that made you forget you were watching Spencer Tracy or Jimmy Stewart. Today when I’m watching Tom Cruise, or Brad Pitt, I see them in a costume simply reciting the script. I recently watched Tom Cruise in The War Of The Worlds so I could compare it with the 1953 version of the same film. There wasn’t one scene in the 2005 version when I forgot Cruise was on the screen. The role he played wasn’t what you saw, or remembered. All you could remember was that he was in the film. I couldn’t remember the name of his character if you threatened me with a gun, or offered me a million dollars.

Brad Pitt and his girlfriend/wife/ex-girlfriend/ex-wife recently made a film called Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I thought it might be an updated remake of a film by the same name that was made in the forties. They could not have more different. The only thing both films had in common was the title. So what was that all about ?.

The screenwriters of today have no imagination. It seems all they can do is make a remake of a classic film that is so bad you end up wondering why you plunked down your hard earned money to see it. And if it not a remake, it’s usually a sequel, prequel, or “updated”. When was the last time you last saw a 2D film in a theater that wasn’t bogged down so called “special effects” ?. When did you last see a film that was so good you talked about it at the dinner table ?

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