Friday, November 22, 2013

Lost Horizon (1937)–Episode 1


Ok. We’re getting close to that time of year a lot of people enjoy, and one an unfortunate number of people dislike, or just plain dread. Doesn’t really matter if you dread it, or love it. It’s a time of fantasy. And fantasy is normally for children. But in this case fantasy has a much harder audience – adults. And what better time for a film like this. For 132 minutes ( the running time of this film ) forget about the season, and travel to a place where there are no bills, no strife, no criminals, no corrupt governments, nothing that could possibly bother you. You’re going to Shangri-La.


220px-Ronald_Colman_-_publicity Ronald Colman plays Robert Conway, a British diplomat, charged with the task of removing ninety “white people” from the Chinese city of Baskul.

Among the rescued are four people who have wide and varied backgrounds.

 200px-John_Howard_(Actor) American actor John Howard is his brother George, another functionary of the British government. Not as mature as his older brother, George is apt to lose his temper if things don’t go according to plan.


thomas_mitchell Thomas Mitchell plays Henry Bernard, swindler, business man, plumber, a man with a plan, usually get rich schemes, who turns over a new leaf in Shangri-La.

edward-everett-horton-01a Edward Everett Horton plays Alexander P. Lovett, an excitable and nervous paleontologist. He stops being a nervous nelly and starts teaching geology.

Isabel_Jewell_in_The_Casino_Murder_Case  Isabel Jewell plays Gloria Stone, a dying, bitter, prostitute with a chip on her shoulder. She slowly gets better and starts behaving like a human being, and not somebody whose been cheated out of a life.

The People of Shangri-La

Warner-Lost Horizon04 Chang is played by H.B. Warner. He has the ability to talk for some time, while saying very little. His cryptic, vague, and foggy answers are frequently the source of friction. Yet they make you coming back for more. The answers are there if the person asking the question is patient enough to hear them.

jane-wyatt-losthorizon-5 Jane Wyatt plays Sondra Bizet. Sondra is the love interest of Robert Conway. When he asks her a question she does her best to answer it, but she is not above a little playful teasing.

sam-jaffe-losthorizon-3 Sam Jaffe plays the role of the High Lama. Also known as Father Perrault, a 200 year old Belgian priest who founded Shangri-La, he is the most mysterious. The best way to understand him is to see the film.

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  1. Well this is yet another film to look forward to. Do you have links where you can redirect me to the synopsis of this film?


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